What do you REALLY want to do in your career right now?

Let’s talk about Trust.

Do you trust your employer?

Do you trust your manager?

Do you trust your team?

Do you trust yourself?

How am I trying to help people today?

I want people to ask themselves whether they trust the people, the team, the manager, and the organization they work for. I don’t know about you but there was a period in my career which I didn’t trust my employer, team, or manager.

How did it become like this?

Well…it’s really down to the people. The leader who sets the role model for the rest of the employees of the company has the effect… Read more

Mediocre Goals Require Mediocre Thinking

I was thinking the other day about the different ways we think when set with different difficulties of a goal. If you set an average goal, you might as well use mediocre strategies and tactics. The dynamic is that because it’s such as low hanging fruit, you don’t need to do much thinking to achieve the goal.

On the other hand, ambitious goals require a different way of thinking which extends itself to techniques outliers use. Sometimes this would not be entirely ethical or downright unethical tactics.

Let me illustrate this different way of setting goals for you more… Read more

Why take more favours and ask less favours?

Sharing and giving

Take more favours. This will excel your career in ways you never thought about. You’ll learn how to utilize reciprocity in life.

Since starting my official career on September 2013, I’ve noticed that people who gave a lot without expecting anything in return are the ones who did the best in their career. They are the ones who will excel in their career. As the person is more willing to help out, they are more likely to network with a wider field of professionals.

When people ask you for a simple… Read more

Choose your own customer acquisition mastery

In this blog post I am going to map out how I’m going to approach my customer acquisition mastery.  I recently read an article by Brian Balfour detailing the foundations, marketing foundations, and channel expertise that a customer acquisition expert can choose. I’m not going to go over the details by Brain as his blog post does a good job of explaining the details of the roadmap. We’re going to find out path so we can get a direction to go in all the marketing confusions for those with limited experience in marketing.

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