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Process Goals for 2014

I’ve been thinking about what goals I should take on. I mean… I’m going on a customer acquisition learning plan to become an expert. I’m looking to volunteer at a different charity to help in marketing so that’ll take up some of my time. I think I have too many projects on my hands to hold right now. But I really want to help Acumen Fund in their marketing!

I’ve been thinking of process goals lately, which is not an end goal but repetitive steps to reaching an end goal. For example, if you were to say I want to have 200K visitors to your website in 2014 would be an end goal, but a process goal would be to write at least one blog post every day in 2014 for 365 days and have more than 1K visitors to each blog post.  You could say that process goals are like stepping goals to reach the end goal of 200K visitors for a website.

Another goal is to do a random act of kindness every week for someone. It doesn’t need to be a homeless but they are easy targets for this project. Hmmm… It might take a while to actually help someone but I think it’s possible if you were to go out in the city and be in the crowd. I guess something like that…

  • oldboy Sagat

    Hi David. I found your website through Reddit. I’ve been thinking a bit about process goals recently too. I guess New Years resolutions brings it out in me. So what are your goals for this year? As a software developer without a job mine is to crack the android market with my own apps.

    • David Lin

      My multi-year end goal is to become a customer acquisition expert. I have a plan but I know that it’ll never end because all things change and I will need to adapt and learn until I die. I haven’t stated my process goal but it is to keep learn and make things using the content I learn, e.g. blog posts or a newsletter for email marketing. Think of a process goal for your app in a one week time frame, e.g. write 200 lines of code a week or build one feature a week.